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I never believed that relationships could be so easy, that there was someone out there especially for you.
Until I met you.
Those eyes, that laugh.
You had me from day one.

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And yet little more than a month ago you were saying the same things about me.
But now look. You’ve deleted all traces of my existence in your life and gone back on half the reasons of why you ended it. For no reason at all.

Little more than a month ago you told me you loved me and I thought you meant it. that was apparently just a lie if you’ve moved on already.
So yeah. Feeling like you never existed at all and have been replaced by the person you still love sucks

  1. Me: seriously though its time to pull my shit together
  2. Me 7 months later: seriously though its time to pull my shit together

Be happy. :)

That those you love and care about are happy, even if it causes you pain in the process. Because that pain will fade, But the good memories of them will stick around forever.
Keep those happy memories and moments and treasure them. At the end of day most of life becomes just a memory. So don’t dwell on the shit times because they’ll soon be forgotten anyway.

At the end of the day depend on yourself and only yourself for your own happiness. Anything extra caused by others should be a bonus.

Less than a month till my truck licence

needless to say, im keen as fuck

im still not sure wether hucking fly out backies is fun and awesome or stupid and scary

That feeling of being replaced sucks. Keen for Melbourne tomorrow so i can get away haha

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